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Custom Design & Drafting, Inc. delivers complete design and drafting services for new homes and renovation projects. Our mission is to provide unique, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective plans to our clients, in a timely manner. Our team also takes care of paper-to-CAD conversion, on-site field measuring, renderings, plotting and more. Call us today to get started planning!

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We’ve all heard the term “cookie-cutter home” before. It’s doesn’t carry a good connotation, because it’s not what homeowners are looking for. What every homeowner really wants is their very own custom home design in Sarasota County, FL! And that’s exactly what Custom Design & Drafting, Inc. aims to give to them.

We’re in the business of designing and drafting custom home plans that are totally unique to every homeowner. Our team wants to see our clients achieve their goals by serving their needs. That means designing and drafting thorough plans for new home builds, remodels, additions, garages and more, including MEP planning and as-built services.We’ll supply you with a personalized residential design that fits your lifestyle, in the form of a full set of design plans for permitting. Our team also takes care of paper-to-CAD conversions of existing plans, on-site field measuring, renderings, plotting and more.



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Before you begin building or remodeling, make sure you have plans from Custom Design & Drafting, Inc. in-hand. We’ll make sure the results are everything you dreamed of

Our approach to custom homes in Sarasota County, FL is centric to the client. Your needs will differ from your neighbors, which means your home’s design should too. It’s our privilege to give your custom residential plans the unique attention they deserve. And, we do more than just put your ideas onto drafting paper. We consider the entire design-build process to ensure your vision and our design come together in a home that’s distinctly yours.

  • We’re a locally-owned and -operated, full-service drafting and design company that has over 16 years of experience serving Sarasota-area homeowners.
  • Trust us to conduct business with honesty and integrity. We strive to build a strong relationship with our clients and provide a product that meets your highest expectations.
  • Our design and drafting services extend to new residential construction, as well as remodeling projects.
  • Our firm has a unique background that includes building, giving us the foresight to think your entire project through from start to finish.
  • Beyond just design and drafting, we handle all 3D rendering, on-site field measuring, plotting and permitting, so everything is taken care of for you.

Meet James:

James Losee is a Marshall University Graduate and has been in the building industry for over 19 years. He has an extensive background in Structural Steel, Engineered Lumber, and Trusses. James has worked under the design leadership of John Cannon Homes during which time he has developed the necessary skills to help you with all of your design and drafting needs.

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